Drama Club Productions

Beauty & the Beast ~ Feb. 2018

Beauty & the Beast ~ Feb. 2018
Info. coming soon!

Jungle Book ~ Feb. 2017

2 shows!

Thursday, February 9th at 6:30pm* AND

Friday, February 10th at 6:30pm AND Monday, February 13th at 6:30 pm AND 

Tuesday, February 14th at 6:30pm
in the Lynch auditorium

Tickets: $10 (3 and older)
under 3 = free

*Thursday, February 9th's performance has been POSTPONED (again!) to Tuesday, February 14th

due to the SNOW DAY and school cancellation.  All Thursday night tickets are now valid for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th.  If you are unable to attend on Tuesday night, you can contact 617.263.6887 for a refund.  (Improv Asylum's box office has been  handling the tickets for this performance.)

Advance tickets are sold out  Limited tickets will be available at the door (cash and check sales only).

Doors open at 6pm each night.  Tickets will not be available prior to 6pm.  

Please enter through the LEFT DOORS.


Advance ticket purchases recommended for guests 3 and older.  Limited tickets available at the door.

Production of Jungle Book Kids
(through the ELP & LPA)

Music and Lyrics by
Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman And Terry Gilkyson

Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by
Marcy Heisler

Music Adapted and Arranged by
Bryan Louiselle

Based on the Screenplay by
Larry Clemmons

Based on the Novel The Jungle Book by
Rudyard Kipling

Directed by
Shannon Keaveney and Anne Bianchini

Jungle Book Cast List
Role                                            THURSDAY Cast                                            FRIDAY Cast
Mowgli                                        Tyler Johnson                                                  Thomas Calnan

Bagheera                                    Anthony Reyes                                                 Seamus Sullivan

Baloo                                           Noah Mulcahy                                                  Anastasia Green

King Louie                                 Jack Baker                                                         Brian Hannon

Shere Khan                               Mia Kurtz                                                            Harper Lindsay

Colonel Hathi                          Amy Kelley                                                          Addison Walsh

Kaa                                            Bella Pirani                                                          Angela Fiorenza

Old Monkey                             Yueran Jia                                                           Avery Casassa

Vulture 1                                 Quinnlyn Ryan                                                     Kaitlyn Coakley

Vulture 2                                Megan MacDonald                                              Kaavya Kumran

Vulture 3                                Stephanie Kirkpatrick                                         Isla Ferrari

Shanti                                     Nadya Kushmerek                                                Niamh O'Meara

Shanti's Family                     Grace Zhou, Andrew Buck                                  Adam Lubomirski, Briana Glancey
Nora Dunn

Coconut Tree                         Ava Winn                                                                Lydia Aurilio

Chorus (in BOTH SHOWS)

    Bear Cast

Lydia Drapeau
Ethan Lubomirski
Isabella Bogovich
Slate Morrison
Elise Kushmerek
Siobhan Sullivan
Aidan Mulcahy
Daryana Skobeleva
Georgia Shargel
Toure Payton
Claire Zhang
Salena Wang
Giorgio Cantoni
Dalila McManus
Jocelyn Bradford
Tobin Janowsky
Magda Calkowska
Liam Elder
Abby Miller
Ruby Ramsey
Kaya Horne
Alexandra Sochat

    Tiger Cast

Hallie Burke
Samantha Gal
Joeseph Piantedosi
Renee Lubomirski
Claire Jiang
Teague Healey
Kadhir Kumran
Krish Relwani
Alexandra Pynchon
Tyler Malcom
Michael Lanz
Sophie MacLeod
Nick Walker
Francesco Della Rocca
Alex Casey
Taran Egenoff
Cara Courtney
Violet Defeo
Louisa Ferrari
Noa Brykman
Alexandra Mitsakas
JJ Fleming
Lily Marino