LPA Board & Committees


Co-Presidents:  Stacey Princi, 2nd year and Nora Walker 1st year

Vice President:

Communications TeamZeina Marchant & Melanie Singer

Recording Secretary: Stacy Winn

Treasurers: Kurt Heisler & Nicole Soto

LPA Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

LPA provides many opportunities to become involved at Lynch.  The following is a comprehensive list of current committees and annual events.  The time commitments to committees and event specific opportunities vary greatly.  Please contact (Volunteer coordinator or VPs) for more information on committees and events.  

Committees & Coordinator Opportunities

BOKS* (2-3)

Organizes and runs this before school Reebok sponsored athletic program, which meets two mornings a week.  Each BOKS trainer must be trained by Reebok during a one day, free training session.  It’s great to get kids moving before school!

Book Fair Committee*

Identifies and develops activities to promote reading and literacy while supporting the growth of the library.  This committee organizes and runs the annual February book fair, the proceeds of which go directly to the Lynch library.

Box Tops* (1)

Collects box tops from the Lynch homerooms two times per school year, and submits for fundraising reimbursement.

Directory and Database Committee* (1-2)

Compiles the Lynch School directory with contact information for students and families.  This committee also handles the input of student/family data to the Constant Contact database for the purpose of LPA newsletter and email blast communication.

Enrichment Committee*

Coordinates the enrichment programs for the school. One or two volunteers per grade work with classroom teachers to research and book enrichment programs. The Chair coordinates the committee’s activities and serves as the liaison to the district-wide enrichment group Community Schools Association (CSA).

Fifth Grade Committee*

Coordinates the 5th Grade programs and activities (including fundraising) for the year.  These include gifts, yearbook, dinner, trips, community service projects, and fundraisers.

Go Direct Committee*

Go Direct is the LPA's fundraising arm, responsible for generating the revenue with which the LPA operates. The Committee facilitates and oversees a direct appeal to the entire Lynch community and is also responsible for soliciting donors and obtaining donations for fundraising raffles, including the Halloween party raffle.  Committee members are encouraged to seek out, organize and host other events or promotions that communicate the purpose of the direct appeal and the ' every child benefits' ethos of LPA funding.

Grants Committee (1-2)

Identifies potential grants and writes grant applications on behalf of Lynch to WFEE, Rotary, and other organizations.

Green Team*

Supports the Lynch community in learning about and practicing sustainable lifestyle habits, including the 3 “R’s”:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Responsible for running the Great American Can Round-Up Contest, which collects thousands of cans for redemption.

Halloween Party Committee*

Organizes a Friday evening Halloween party held at the school.  One or two point person(s) organize(s) games and and crafts for the younger kids in the cafeteria, while another organizes a DJ and other activities for the older kids in the gym.  Other components include volunteers to organize the “Haunted Hallway” and manage refreshments.

International Festival Committee*

The Lynch International Festival is an annual, free, community event that features country booths, multicultural activities and crafts, live performances and international food.  The International Festival Committee consists of 6 to 10 dedicated parents and staff who work closely with the Lynch principal to: (1) secure funding via grants and/or LPA; (2) set the date, theme and format; (3) arrange and decorate the school space; (4) secure commitments from Lynch parents to set up country booths, run multicultural activities and crafts, and provide food; and (5) recruit students, alumnae, and multicultural groups to stage brief, live performances.  The committee meets several times a year beginning in September up to the time of the festival.

"A Kid's View" Committee*

Selects and curates student works of visual art and literature to be published in the magazine.  They work closely with the Art Specialist to select classroom work that will be featured and photographed for publication. The Managing Editor manages the communication and distribution of flyers, emails, and the online submission form to collect work. The Art Director manages the editing of all artwork, the design and layout of the magazine, and the production and hand-off to the printer.

Library Coordinator* and Volunteers

The Library Coordinator sets up the volunteer schedule and trains new volunteers who will shelve books and assist children during their weekly library class.

Lynch ELP (Extended Learning Program) Coordinator (1)

The ELP Coordinator schedules the after-school programs through coordination with teachers, notifies the Lynch community of programs, sets class rosters, and handles registration, fees and instructor reimbursement.

Newsletter Committee (1-2)

Publishes the weekly Lynch newsletter.

Publicity Committee* (2-4)

Contacts local newspapers to arrange coverage of special events and activities at Lynch School, writes and submits articles, and submits photos of Lynch events to the local newspapers.

Room Parent Coordinator* (1) and Room Parents (2 per Class)

The Coordinator ensures that each teacher has room parent volunteers, and oversees communication between LPA and the Room Parents as needed. Room Parents work with teachers throughout the year to coordinate class parties and extracurricular activities.

Special Needs Committee—PAC Liaison (1)

Attends meetings of the Special Education Parents Advisory Committee and updates the Lynch community of issues, meetings and events.

Teacher Appreciation Committee*

Plans and runs activities and/or events to recognize and appreciate the staff at Lynch.  The event(s) are usually held in the first couple of weeks after April vacation and include a luncheon for all staff on the early release Monday at the beginning of May.

Traffic Safety* (1)

Coordinates the “orange hat” volunteers who help monitor the flow of traffic and parking on both sides of the parking lot, before and after school.

UNICEF Coordinator (1)

Coordinates the collection of donations from the community in October.

Webmaster (1)

Maintains the LPA website.

Winchester Coalition for A Safer Community (“WCSC”) Liaison (1)

Attends monthly Coalition meetings and serves as a liaison between the Coalition and the Lynch community.

Winchester Fund for Educational Excellence (“WFEE”) Liaison (1)

Serves as a liaison between WFEE and LPA.

* Denotes that committee is large enough to require a Chair, or Co-Chairs



Fall BBQ*

Sept. 24th 4-6pm

The Fall BBQ Committee organizes this “Welcome Back” event, usually held at Lynch on a Sunday in late September.

Halloween Party*

Oct. 27th 6:30-8:30pm

Organize the event (see Halloween Party Committee above) or help out the day of the event: help decorate, bring in a dish, take a shift selling food/desserts, oversee a craft or game, set up or cleanup or more!

Staff v. 5th Grade Basketball Game


Sign up to help during this epic Lynch evening (a 5th grade fundraiser) by selling refreshments before and during the event.  The participation of 4th grade parents is especially appreciated, so as to let 5th grade parents watch the big game!

Library Book Fair


Be part of the planning (see Book Fair Committee above) or help out the days of the event: set up books, take a shift selling books, help out with wish lists and more!

International Festival*


Organize the event (see International Festival Committee above) or help out the day of the event: help decorate, bring in a dish, oversee a craft or game, set up or cleanup, or more!



The Lynch Authorfest representative is a member of the district wide, Community Schools Association (CSA). This committee plans and executes a Fall enrichment program for all schools in Winchester and Authorfest in April. For Authorfest, responsibilities include working with Principals and the Preschool director to coordinate locations for Authors to present; communicating with teachers and parents about Authorfest; recruiting parent volunteers to help the day of Authorfest; working the Town Hall Book Sale the day of Authorfest; publicity for Authorfest. The time commitment involves a couple of weeks in the Fall and a more intense couple of weeks in early April.

Teacher Appreciation Week*


There are so many ways to help during this week long celebration (see Teacher Appreciation Committee above) of our teachers and staff!  Sign up to help decorate, make a dish for the staff appreciation breakfast, or sign up to serve teachers during the teacher appreciation luncheon.

Field Day*


Work with the gym teacher to organize Field Day, a day of non competitive outdoor sports and games in June. Committee head helps choose games, sources and organizes volunteers to run stations, purchases or gets popsicles donated, and sources props needed for stations.