Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the administration, the staff and many others - one of the reasons Lynch is so amazing is the incredible amount of involvement of parents, guardians, and friends.

Volunteering is essential to Lynch.  Here is how you can help today.

Front Door Greeters

We are seeking parent volunteers to serve as the Lynch Front Door Greeter at different times throughout the week.  Please consider signing up for a weekly shift between now and the end of the year!
An ongoing commitment too much right now?  Sign up for a shift or two.  Any covered shift greatly reduces the impact on Mrs. Leonard and the front office and is greatly appreciated.
What does a Front Door Greeter do?  They open the doors to Lynch as guests walk up (so that Mrs. Leonard doesn't have to be buzzing people in), welcomes the guest to Lynch and asks them to sign in at the front office.  It's that easy!
Bring that book you've been meaning to read, emails you need to catch up on, a crossword puzzle you've been dying to finish.
Shifts have been split up to lessen the time impact for volunteers, but you are definitely welcome to sign up for back-to-back slots (i.e., 12-1:30 AND 1:30-2:45p).
Please contact the office, if you are interested in volunteering.
Thank you for your support!!